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Digestives ‘indigestible’ says study

Britain’s favourite biscuit does not live up to its name, according to a study undertaken by Reading University.

Professor Mary Smythurst, Peak Frean Chair of Gastrobiology declared ‘Even a dunked Digestive can very slightly irritate the stomach lining, more so than Ritz Crackers – a special favourite of Lady Thatcher towards the end of her life. We tried to compare the effect with other popular biscuit brands, and went to the length of making our own Gypsy Cream. This was a controversial experiment, which we now regret.’

In a table of digestiveness of biscuits, Digestives performed marginally less well than a number of other popular styles, with the fig roll (see fig 1)  faring surprisingly well. It is now up to the European Council to see whether the biscuit should be stripped of its misleading name.

(fig 1) A Fig Roll, yesterday.

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Posted: May 1st, 2013 by nickb

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