1970s under arrest by Operation Yewtree

A spokesman for Operation Yewtree has announced that after extensive investigation, the entire decade from 1970 to 1979 has been put under arrest.

‘It is clear that the 1970s thought they could get away with all sorts of aberrant sexual behaviour, but the long, slow, arthritic arm of the law has finally caught up them, albeit after needing a enormous push at the beginning’ said the spokesman. ‘So if you were in any way involved with anything in the 1970s, watching paedophiles make vast amounts of money from glam rock bands, as DJs, in light entertainment or inexplicably long-running soaps, then we will be visiting you shortly.’

When the Scotland Yard spokesman was asked why the Scotland Yard of the 1970s had failed to act to protect the public, the spokesman said it was difficult to spot all of this bad behaviour at the time, because it was ‘smoky and dark in there and policemen couldn’t be expected to know that the 1970s were causing such a problem especially as many years were wasted looking for ‘Reds under the Beds’ rather than ‘what TV Personalities were doing on top of them.’


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