Unnamed celebrity questioned over historical self-abuse allegations

'Oi you! Clean that up!'

Police in Greater Manchester are questioning a 93 year old man in relation to an alleged series of self-abuse incidents which took place in the 1940s.

It is understood that the man was arrested following claims by a former girlfriend that he had confessed to performing self-abuse while they were still in a relationship.

The woman is said to have been receiving counselling since finding out about the incidents that occurred in 1946. In a statement from her solicitor it has been revealed that she has been suffering from low self-esteem as a result of the abuse which has led to anxiety and depression. ‘Miss X has been unable to hold down a job since working as a waitress at the Lyons Tea Rooms in 1947 and is unable to look at a doily or box of Kleenex without breaking down.’

According to unconfirmed reports police entered the accused’s home and seized several copies of Health and Efficiency, a selection of Sirdar Knitting Patterns, three tubs of lard and twelve copies of Kays Catalogue. A neighbour of the accused, who wished to remain anonymous said, ‘I saw the police going in and out of the property all day and coming out with plastic bags full of stuff including a Henry vacuum cleaner, so god knows what he used that for. I’m not letting the kids out into the street until he’s brought to justice.’

The man is understood to be contesting the charges and is staying with friends during the police enquiries. In a statement to the media a friend of the accused said, ‘He is a very private individual and vehemently denies these claims and is happy to represent himself in court where he looks forward to Miss X coming up with the evidence. He is not on suicide watch but my wife is monitoring his sheets on a daily basis.’

In an another development Isle of Wight police are investing a series of self-abuse incidents alleged to have taken place during the early 1900s at guest houses and lodgings involving popular music hall performers. The alleged offences occurred during the island’s Music Hall and Variety heyday at venues such as the Theatre Royal and the Shanklin Theatre.

The late One Man Band entertainer, Big Willy Entwhistle is believed to be under investigation after one former chorus girl is said to have thrown herself off Ryde Pier in despair. Her descendants are currently in consultation with the police.

Several celebrity exhumations are set to take place over the next few weeks.

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