New NHS 222 phone service to offer second opinions

Stung by the teething troubles the 111 line suffered immediately after launch, clinical commissioning groups have been quick to provide further support to users. From next Monday, anyone unhappy with the advice they receive from 111 can hangup and dial 222 to have the initial assessment reviewed by another trainee within a target time of four hours.

‘The first couple of months after launch of NHS 111 have been difficult, with poor customer satisfaction ratings,’ a consultant working on the project said, ‘We are confident that offering the second opinion service will help people hear what they want to and we anticipate satisfaction scores rising accordingly. Because that’s what it’s all about. Isn’t it?’

Anyone not happy with the second opinion provided by the 222 service will soon be able to dial 333, and if still not happy can ask again via 444. ‘Eventually we hope that all the numbers will be filled in right up to the old 999 number, which patients probably should have dialled in the first place,’ said the consultant. ‘Assuming it’s not already too late, of course.’


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