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Seven minutes to be added at end of Premier League season

At the end of each of the last matches in the Premier league this season, extra time will be played as usual but a further seven minutes will then be added in honour of Sir Alex Ferguson who announced his retirement from Manchester United today.

‘It’s a fitting tribute to a man who never gave up, a team who played right up to the final whistle – whenever that may be – and also to the ‘men in the middle’ they could often rely on to occasionally shift the goalposts. It’s been a great run but now, we think it’s all over,’ quipped lots of happy managers, before adding; ‘It is…No, you definitely said only seven minutes.’

No news has yet emerged of who will replace the most successful manager in Premier League history, but Ladbrokes are inexplicably reporting strong backing for Chris Moyles, who is currently 2-1 on.

‘It’s just a good job the title’s already in the bag for Man Utd,’ the managers all agreed, ‘Otherwise the season could have dragged on till June.’

(hat-tip to Backup Brian)

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Posted: May 8th, 2013 by newsbiscuit editorial team

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