UKIP Councillors bid to fill channel tunnel with concrete

At its first meeting since the recent election when UKIP won 17 of its seats, Kent County Council today put to tender an order for 102 million cubic metres of concrete which will be used on the front line in the fight against immigration by filling up the channel tunnel.

A spokesperson for the County Surveyor’s Office said at a press briefing that this would be one of England’s most ambitious civil engineering projects since the construction of the Mulberry Harbours in 1944, providing hundreds of jobs, and hardly putting anything on the Council Tax. Seventeen competitive bids had already been received even before the meeting adjourned for lunch.

‘With such a large UKIP presence on the Council, we think that no county is better positioned to bring a great big concrete full stop to the open door immigration of the past,’ said UKIP leader Nigel Farage, ‘and filling up the Channel Tunnel is a perfectly reasonable way to keep a few of them out.’

Asked whether he thought the project would hinder trade with Europe, he replied; ‘No, of course not. Fifteen of the tenders received so far are from France.’

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