Elderly ‘can’t wait’ to house prisoners under new government scheme

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Convicted murderers, sex offenders, and terrorists will be used as ‘live in’ companions to help out retirees under a radical new homestay scheme starting next month.

Every pensioner with a spare room is being urged to sign up for the ‘Adopt-A-Con’ programme with hosts being paid up to £50 a week for each life sentence prisoner they house in return for providing food and board.

Prisoners, in return, will be urged to ‘help around the house’, ‘pick up shopping’ and ‘refrain from murder’.

‘With prison overcrowding at historical highs due, in part, to the high number of life sentence prisoners having a single bed cell, it makes perfect business sense to find them alternative accommodation,’ said Nijel Thorpe, Executive Officer for the programme.

With community groups finding it increasingly difficult to assist the elderly, proponents of the plan see this as a win-win solution. ‘We’re after retirees or couples who have empty rooms who want to be part of the solution. For those in social housing, it will also prevent them being slammed with the new bedroom tax,’ added Mr Thorpe.

She admits to ‘worrying what the neighbours might think’ but 75-year-old retiree Ginny Hendricks will soon open up her home to a carefully selected paedophile. The former housewife and grandmother of fifteen now lives alone and has a spare bedroom after the death of her husband.

‘I feel quite concerned about the rising cost of living and I thought; I can earn a few quid here, I’ve got space.’

She is not fazed by the accusations of naivety from her family. ‘I’ve read a lot about paedophiles in the papers and look at me, I’m hardly their sort. Anyway, with all these burglars and young bloody hooligans causing trouble it will be nice to have a man around the house.’


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