‘I heard Feldman not saying it,’ claims Grant Shapps

Co-chairman of the Conservative Party, Grant Shapps, said he was in the room and ‘in perfect earshot’ when he heard Lord Feldman not call activists of his party ‘swivel-eyed loons’.

‘I distinctly heard him not say it, and in fact on the way home I clearly recall saying to my wife, “It’s a good thing Lord Feldman didn’t call our activists ‘swivel-eyed loons’ at today’s event”. To which she replied ‘Can we have a bigger house and another car?'” 

Continued Shapps: ‘I think I also heard Lord Feldman not saying “nobody buys nougat any more” and “my accountant looks like Molly Weir”. And I want to be clear that at no time did he say that a sweep is lucky as lucky can be. I found these omissions less noteworthy than the ones related to constituency members, who we all agree do a damn good job.’

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