Straight man attacked by gang of vicious homosexuals

'uggery' of any kind to be outlawed in new bill

A 20-year-old straight man has told of his terror at being set upon by a gang of openly gay thugs.

The victim told reporters that earlier that evening he had been the subject of a series of bitingly waspish remarks from what had either been two men and a woman, one man and two women, three very effeminate men or three very butch women. Their comments, which were of a ribald nature, were accompanied by a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ and high-pitched shrieking.

The man, who was singled out by the group for looking a bit ‘buildery’, had been drinking in the Queen’s Head, which was known to be popular with local heterosexuals. After leaving the pub, and on his way to a nearby lapdancing club, he was cornered and subjected to a series of unprovoked slaps.

Despite his cries of ‘oi’ the victim continued to receive further poorly co-ordinated blows, accompanied by more remarks in Polari about his interest in ‘lady parts’. His attackers then left the scene laughing outrageously.

While his assailants remain unidentified, police have said that CCTV footage of the attack shows it was unremittingly camp. Several passers-by merely stopped to admire the attackers’ outfits before walking on.

Det Sgt John Hoskins, who is leading the case, said: ‘This was an appallingly bitchy attack. A young man was singled out simply because he favours the vagina. Incidents such as this remind us that anti-heterosexual violence must not be tolerated.’

Last month, four angry lesbians from Gloucester were sentenced to three months each for ‘straight bashing’ a 26-year-old housewife. The dykes admitted taunting the woman about her lack of motorcycle repair skills and then accused her of ‘taking it up the front bum’.

Bill Butler, a student at the University of West London, said: ‘I try not to walk around in public with my girlfriend holding hands, it’s just too dangerous. I’ve had friends bitched at in public, normally by more than one gay. We shouldn’t have to go around pretending to like Dusty Springfield, to act like we care about Eurovision or worrying endlessly about our skin care regime.’

Campaigner Tony Tucker said: ‘For a lot of straight people it’s simply not an option to get back in the closet; often because it’s now filled with stacked heels and shiny hotpants.’

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