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Wayne Rooney trapped in home for two days by baby stair gate

Rumours of Wayne Rooney’s imminent departure from Manchester United have been growing over the last few days as the star failed to report for training, but it has since emerged that he has been trapped upstairs in his Cheshire home trying to work out how to open a baby stair gate.

‘Normally Colleen deals with the complicated things around the house like unlocking doors, switching on lights and ensuring Wayne’s football boots are laced up,’ confirmed a spokesman. ‘Unfortunately she was away for a couple of days on business and hadn’t realised that Wayne was upstairs with the stair gate closed.’

The England forward had unfortunately left his mobile phone downstairs and was unable to call for help. When Colleen got home she found him in tears at the top of the stairs, being comforted by three year-old Kai and having had a little ‘accident’ in his football shorts.

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Posted: May 24th, 2013 by Vertically Challenged Giant

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