Scientists isolate single sud from sink full of washing-up water

In what has been described as a potential Nobel-winning breakthrough, scientists at Cambridge University’s physics faculty have announced today that they have successfully isolated a single sud from a sink full of washing-up water.

‘The commercial applications of this discovery are incredible,’ said a spokesman. ‘Imagine the millions of unused, wasted suds going down the drain every year all over the world. If we can produce single suds on demand, as required, we can completely eliminate that waste!’

The spokesman warned, however, that the public will have to wait a while before they see single sud soap on the shelf at supermarkets. ‘There is much more experimentation to be done, not to mention the clinical trials. It will be the end of the decade at least before we see a commercial product that is proven safe for use by humans.’

The physics faculty is now rumoured to be starting work on isolating a single fizz from a bottle of pop.


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