Isle of Wight man finally fills 10Mb disk drive

Harold Andrews, the Isle of Wight’s resident computer expert, has conceded he was wrong to ignore the prophetic warning that ’20Mb would be better’ issued in 1986 when he bought his first personal computer to replace his Sinclair ZX81 and its then state of the art cassette tape storage technology.

‘At the time 10Mb was an unbelievable storage capacity but it’s now full and the Apricot Sirius 1 computer helpline closed down in 1998, so it looks like I’m heading for a full MS-DOS rebuild, assuming I can find the floppy disk’ admitted Andrews.

Andrews admits that he had become increasingly frivilous with use of the storage and that it hosted the island’s SAN (sewing and needlework) magazine collection, each of which occupied several kilobytes.

Andrews has confirmed his system rebuild will now include a 20Mb hard disk, and that the £3, 000 investment from a vintage computer supplier was at least cheaper than it was in 1996.’


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