The word ‘Celebrity’ to include everyone you’ve ever heard of, announces OED

The publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary announced today that the meaning of the word ‘celebrity’ is to be extended to include ‘someone you know about or have heard of’.

The revision has been made, say the publishers, ‘to reflect the continuous, ongoing changes in our living language, keeping the world-leading reference work fully abreast of current English usage.’

Professor Darren Real of the University of North Anglia’s Social Sciences Department welcomed the development, explaining: ‘Within the newly accepted meaning of the word, a celebrity can now include not just everyone who’s been on the telly but your friends, the school dinner ladies, and your mum.’

Describing the development as a step change in the sociological norm, Professor Real added that ‘this way, everyone on the planet will be empowered by celebrity status, including me, of course … and you too, I suppose, although to a lesser extent, obviously.’

People seeking celebrity status can access the updated edition of the Oxford English Dictionary on line. Subscriptions start at £50.40 per annum.


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