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Binge-eating pensioner admits it all started when she swallowed a fly

The old lady whose eating spree included several large animals has warned how such binges can start innocuously.

‘When I had my fly snack I thought nothing of it,’ she said, ‘but then, I thought I’d better have a spider for afters, as I hadn’t thought to kill the fly first.’ After that, she admits, a bird and a cat followed quickly. ‘It’s amazing how you can eat something and then lie to yourself that you need to swallow something else to catch it.’ It quickly escalated to larger and larger livestock, and within a few days she had consumed the average protein intake of a small town.

She has now tackled the problem with the help of her binge-eating support group but, she says, ‘every time a fly buzzes past I realise the whole spiral of gluttony could start all over again.’


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Posted: Jun 4th, 2013 by Guest

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