Labour reveal plans to scrap winter for retired top rate tax payers

Labour has revealed its plans to help higher rate tax-paying pensioners by scrapping winter for anyone earning over £40k a year.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls told reporters, ‘ As Labour is the party of inclusivity, we wanted to show that we strive to help those more fortunate than ourselves. By abolishing winter for wealthy pensioners, we have removed the need for them to book winter skiing trips, hold winter balls, indulge in sleigh rides and attend the Six Nations rugby tournament thus leaving money for fuel bills which mysteriously increase in the September to April period.’

The shadow minister out lined a new three season period containing Spring, Summer and new combined Autumn/ Winter season called ‘Blair’ with the highlight of the season being a national holiday to replace Christmas festival called ‘Nye Bevinmas’ on December 25th followed by ‘New Labours Eve’ on the 31st.


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