Bradley Manning becomes the face of adult diapers

Shortly before going on trial, Private Manning announced a new sponsorship deal with Tranquillity Incontinence Products. While others have characterised the US soldier’s leaks as a threat to national security, he himself likened it to a warm, wet sensation.

At the court martial, in Fort Meade, his attorney stated ‘If Julian Assange can have a lucrative deal with an Ecuadorean sieve manufacturer, my client feels he should also benefit from the advertising revenue that these leaks will generate. Incontinence is a life sentence, which ironically is what my client will get if found guilty.’

The Wikileaks suspect allegedly revealed 250,000 diplomatic cables and 500,000 battlefield reports. Prosecutor Capt Joe Morrow described the case as ‘arrogance meeting access’, while Mr. Manning’s defence labelled it as ‘urine meeting your insoles’.

In a press statement Manning, 25, said ‘Deep Throat needed the support of the occasional lozenge and I need the peace of mind that disposable briefs provide…sometimes your privates leak.’


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