Helpline service ‘thoughtless and cruel’ say bereaved relatives

A telephone company is being sued for causing the death of an elderly man when his call to customer services was answered immediately by a human being.

According to a relative of the deceased the unfortunate subscriber was calling the helpline to ask why his telephone bill was in excess of £300,000.

‘He was prepared for a lengthy wait,’ said the relative, ‘same as everyone else. We found him on the floor next to his telephone with a tartan travel rug over his shoulders, a hot water bottle, an unopened packet of Werther’s Originals close by and a cold mug of Ovaltine on a place-mat on the telephone table. It was horrible. The doctor said he’d died of a massive heart attack.

‘He was a nice old gentleman, well loved and respected by everyone who knew him, and he wouldn’t have harmed a soul. The response he got from the helpline people was thoughtless and cruel.’

A spokesperson for the telecommunications provider said: ‘For press enquiries, dial 8.’

A Friend of Arthur

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