‘Teachers to troops’ initiative rejected by armed forces

Government plans to fast track teachers into the armed forces have been attacked by military leaders as ‘Short sighted and dangerous.’

The scheme, which will see the skills of secondary school geography teachers deployed on tours of duty in Afghanistan, has been rejected by army chiefs because of the inability of corduroy jackets fitted with leather elbow patches to survive attacks from Taliban rocket propelled grenades. Similarly a flying white board marker or a stick of chalk that when thrown narrowly misses the enemy’s exposed ear is not thought to have the ferocity required to repel such attacks.

Peter Jones, a geography teacher from Dudley disagrees with the rejection of the government’s plan. ‘Ground based operations around the Khyber Pass will be an ideal opportunity for squaddies to witness the unique rock formations in the area, understand how erosion leads to the formation of rivers, and to write a short essay on what they did in their summer holidays,’ he said.

Jones admitted that the thought of endless fighting, evading gun shots and witnessing mindless violence and racism was a serious worry to him, but that ‘No longer having to teach Class 12Y was an enormous relief.’

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