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Cameron ‘Sold off UK summer in 2011′

It’s been revealed that David Cameron sold off the British summer 2 years ago to try and pay off some of the national debt. Meteorologists said that explains why we’ve been going straight from a wet spring to autumn for the past 3 years.

‘Of all the things to flog off, why summer?’ lamented weatherman Bill Giles, ‘Why not the profitable bits of winter, a couple of weekends in Spring, or Wales?

The government insists that summer will be returned to public ownership as soon as the economic climate allows, which, according to the Office for Budget Resonsibility, may not be at least until 2019. It’s also expected to cost much more than they sold it for, according to leading economists, as a result of seasonal inflation.

The UK summer was apparently bought as an investment by a Gulf State Sovereign Wealth fund to add to their already huge fine weather portfolio, a move analysts described as ‘just greedy’.

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Posted: Jun 13th, 2013 by apepper

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