Blair’s affair with Murdoch wrecked my marriage, says Wendi Deng

Wendi Deng is reported to be devastated at the news of the torrid affair carried on under her nose between her husband and the then Prime Minister.

‘Of course, I was the last to know,’ she said. ‘The innuendo was everywhere if I’d just opened my eyes. You only had to read two lines of any article on Blair and my husband before the words ‘organ’ and ‘mouthpiece’ would appear.’

And it is only now that the full extent of her husband’s promiscuity has become clear to her. He spent the Eighties in bed with Mrs Thatcher, she has learned, and then followed a shorter, tempestuous on-off-off-off affair with John Major. ‘The worst part of it was the way he would brazenly flaunt it,’ says veteran Murdoch-watcher Bill Easton. ‘You only had to look at the latest Sun headline to see who he was in bed with at any given time.’

Ms Deng is now resigned to the fact that he will never change his philandering ways. ‘I remember the last election – as soon as Cameron and Clegg got into power, he was Googling ‘threesomes’ on his laptop.’


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