Traditional Lancashire folk group pens song about the future

Traditional Lancashire folk group The Ferret’s Hot Pot has surprised experts by releasing a song which does not hark back to the good old days of cotton mills, TB, coal mine disasters, slavery or asbestosis, but instead appears to focus on the future.

The song, named simply We can’t wait for HS2, focuses on the development of the future high speed rail link between the north and south of England.

‘Like the title says, we can’t wait for HS2,’ said lead singer Bert Thumpbrush. ‘After all we love our southern cousins, and if they can make it up to Lancashire a bit quicker so we can share a glass of cold lager with them, then all the better. And if we can encourage Michel Roux to open a new restaurant in Rochdale, then we can all enjoy some haute cuisine, so long as the 15 courses are particularly small and expensive, otherwise the locals will start moaning.

‘As traditional Lancashire folk we are looking forward to travelling to London to experience the great things they have to offer including sushi, expensive aftershave, globally-sourced fine wines and Indian head massages,’ added fellow band member Brian Stutterforth.

Thumpbrush confirmed that the band’s new song also has an ecological twist, playing with the prospect of the storage of the fuel required to make HS2 travel at over 200 miles per hour ‘After all storing enough coal and water to complete the journey is pretty much unimaginable, which is why our lyric refers to a stop at Stoke-on-Tent to take on extra supplies and put some torn-up newspapers down the loos.’

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