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Scientists discover cats have their own internet with humans doing funny things

Scientists from the University of Portsmouth have conducted a detailed survey of cat activity and have been amazed to discover that much their of time is spent on miniature laptops watching humorous videos of people.

‘We’ve always wondered what cats get up to during the day,’ said Professor Kirkwood. ‘It turns out they’re on the internet watching footage of humans falling over in the shower and walking into lampposts.’

Contrary to popular belief, researchers found that cats often brazenly wandered into other people’s houses not in search of food, but seeking fibre-optic broadband available via an open Wi-Fi network.

Scientists now think that cats bring home dead mice as an alibi, but also as a coded message that they have developed touch-screen technology and no longer have use for a mouse.

apepper (hat-tip sillybugger)

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Posted: Jun 24th, 2013 by apepper

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