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Medieval map shows ‘early English dogging sites’

Historians believe they have discovered a parchment providing a complete guide to the places where English people went for open-air sex with strangers in the Middle Ages.

‘At first, we thought the marks on the map might be taverns or inns,’ said Professor Robert Young, ‘but the inscriptions turn out to be ratings left by people who’d visited the places, and they leave us in no doubt as to what they were up to.’

Professor Young has compared it with a map of known locations on and has found an uncanny correspondence between the two, with many places listed on both.

‘It’s fascinating to see how those sites have persisted unchanged through the centuries, and they seem to be in some kind of geographical alignment,’ he said. ‘We historians call them ‘lay lines’.’

sydalg (hat-tip Skylarking)

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Posted: Jun 26th, 2013 by Guest

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