Maverick cops now in the majority, says Scotland Yard head of personnel

Scotland Yard has launched a recruitment drive among the happily married and conventional rule-following community, as the the force has now become ‘maverick cop heavy’.

‘There are too many cops pulling stunts, tearing up the rule book and getting results their own way,’ said Bernard Hogan-Howe. ‘They have got particularly irksome since the rule book went digital and they find that just deleting it is not enough and they have to go round wiping the back ups it on everyone else’s computers.’

Nobody on the force imagined that the Human Resources department would be forced to break convention like this.  But as Met Commissioner told the officer who came up with this solution, ‘You may not play it by the rules Johnson, but you are the best goddamn personnel officer this force has got!’

Ronseal (hat tip Not Amused)

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