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Abu Qatada vows to watch Wimbledon Final

Despite reports in several tabloid newspapers suggesting he could be out of the country by Sunday, Abu Qatada is as committed as ever to watching the conclusion of the tennis. ‘The Wimbledon final is a great British tradition. I’m a huge Andy Murray fan and so extradition or no extradition I’ll be cheering for the Scot should he make it through.’

If the radical cleric is deported he will have to negotiate with the tough Jordanian authorities for permission to watch the final. ‘I’m sure Al Jazeera or Fox Sports will have the match on and I’ve already made my ‘C’mon Tim Banner’. It’s a little joke we have with Andy. He loves it!’

Teresa May is less confident the cleric will be watching his hero compete in the final; ‘Andy Murray struggled to beat Fernando Verdasco and he’ll still be tired for the semi.’


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Posted: Jul 4th, 2013 by Guest

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