Labour to review historic links with voters

In a wide ranging speech in London Ed Miliband has committed the Labour Party to a review of its relationship with voters.

The Labour leader believes voters have had ‘too much influence’ in the direction of the party.

A senior Labour Party official said: ‘We have been bending over backwards to suit the voters for years now. Voters think that just because they’ve voted for the party that this means we should be implementing policies that they like. How on earth are we supposed to appeal to socialists and trade unions if we have policies that appeal to voters?

‘Thankfully Ed Miliband is now committing the Labour Party to losing as many voters as possible.’

The Labour Party has had a fraught relationship with voters over the years. In 1994 Tony Blair controversially ditched the party’s longstanding commitment to losing elections, although after years of division Gordon Brown returned the party to its natural state of powerlessness in 2010. ‘The long road back to independence from voter interference started the day Ed Miliband was elected,’ the spokesman said. ‘After all, everybody else wanted David to be the leader. But Ed bravely showed that Labour weren’t listening then and we’re still not listening now.’


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