J K Rowling behind acclaimed fictional thriller: ‘Tory Lobbyist’

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J K Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter, is secretly the author of a thriller based on Conservative party funding, according to a national Sunday newspaper. The story in question, ‘Tory Lobbyist’, is an outrageous fiction where inept millionaires maintain their tax-free wealth by accepting endorsements, cash for questions, private directorships and after-dinner speaking.

Publishing under the made-up guise of debut male writer ‘Lynton Crosby’, this is J K Rowling’s first foray into the world of ‘crime’. The author was surprised to learn that there was an Elections Adviser for the Tories who shared the same name, but was quick to emphasise that all characters and events were fictitious (including the protagonist, ‘Grant Shapps P.I.’).

This ‘scintillating debut’ revolves around a highly improbable world where there is corruption in the banking sector, weapons manufacturing and the tobacco industry and politicians somehow get mixed up in it. In fact, initial sales of the book were relatively low as most readers struggled to accept that there could be any ‘conflict of interest’ whatsoever between Conservative policy and big business.

One critic explained: ‘As gritty realism, no one is going to believe that the Tories are capable of dishonesty; but as a piece of fantasy literature, of course it makes sense. It has all the conventions of classic Rowling, like elitists using magic ‘tax avoidance’ to keep themselves away from the Muggle electorate with the naive assistance of Lib Dem House Elves. You have to wonder, though, whether representing the tobacco lobby might be pushing the point a little too far – I think even Voldemort would draw the line at that.’

The publishers say sequels are already in the pipeline with plots developing nicely all the time, almost ‘as if they’re writing themselves’. In order to bring the franchise to a satisfying end and fully promote it to the public, an advance of £1m has been offered, by J K Rowling, again.

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