Royal baby to be delivered by hereditary obstetrician

The Royal Family is reported to be delighted on learning that the post of obstetrician at St Mary’s Hospital is an ancient title passed down through the male line since the Middle Ages. ‘It feels so appropriate,’ said a Palace spokesman, gritting his teeth.

Reigning Obstetrician, Will Henderson, known to the medical profession as William V, spent some time in the Army after leaving school, then spent the next 30 years waiting to step into his father’s shoes.

Although a total stranger to medical science, he claims he has picked up a few tips down the years from the Gray’s Anatomy series and careful research on the internet. He admits he was nervous at first about delivering the next heir to the Throne. ‘But,’ he says, with the confidence backed up by centuries of tradition, ‘it is one’s duty and one will try not to let them down.’

William V confirmed that Kate will not be having a caesarean section. Instead the Royal baby will be launched by the traditional method of smashing a bottle over the bow.

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