Apple’s ad team overlooks teen who can strum and whistle at the same time

A clean cut teenage kid who looks good in denim and a crewneck T is taking Apple to court for discrimination having failed to be offered a part in any of their commercials.

David Turner is bringing the case because he can not only whistle a tune on the pentatonic scale, he can also strum four or five major chords on the guitar, while whistling.

“My musical talent combined with my relaxed but clean-cut style should have bagged me a few Apple commercials,” he explained. “But for some reason, discrimination being the only plausible one, I have been overlooked.”

Turner wrote in after having seen an ad on the Californian gadget company’s jobs board. But he hasn’t heard a thing. “It’s pretty weird. I felt sure I would have been snapped up.”

But there is hope for the budding star. Apple in Cupertino later acknowledged that Turner’s talents are rare. ‘That’s pretty incredible. I sure hope he doesn’t sue. For sure he’d win. We wouldn’t expect to find the whole package in, like, the one individual. We’d shoot the model first then add the whistling frame by frame before dubbing in the guitar. In fact we’ve got three massively hairy, unwashed guys in soiled shorts on the guitar synths working on keeping it real right now.’

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