Ed Milliband previews Labour manifesto at Comic Con

policies coming in all the time from other planets

Following on from his triumphant appearance in Google’s ‘Big Tent’, Labour leader Ed Milliband is using his appearance at this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con to tease extracts from Labour’s 2015 election manifesto.

Speaking at a Preview Night panel appearance the self-confessed ‘political face of geekery’ was vague on whether a future Labour government would borrow more to fuel economic recovery, but did vigorously reiterate his belief that Josh Whedon’s cult sci-fi show ‘Firefly’ should be given a second season.

“Hell, I loved that show. I don’t understand why any exec in their right mind would pull it. But then again I don’t understand why anyone voted for David Cameron,” the opposition leader quipped to howls of laughter from a room of predominately overweight men with goatees.

Effortlessly working the room, Milliband Jr batted around questions about immigration: “sometimes it’s bad”, Game Of Thrones: “it’s compelling” and on the forthcoming Star Wars movies: “I’m excited to see what they come up with” – while insisting that Labour’s reform of its relationship with the unions would be the most radical reinvention since “Batman Begins”.

Anticipating the potential controversy over his decision to appear at the event in a Star Trek uniform, Mr Milliband said: “I think a lot of people would have expected me to show up in my Captain’s uniform, most likely the Season 3 “Next Generation” two piece, but instead I’m wearing the distinctive blue of Starfleet medical because my five-year mission is to boldly heal Broken Britain.”

Mr Milliband was then given a standing ovation, having clearly struck a chord with a crowd who were as (if not slightly more) socially awkward than himself.

Insisting several times that “no-one outside this room” would understand his jokes, or indeed his policies, the Labour leader said he was gratified that so many people still loved his vision of a more prosperous, caring and united Britain no matter how ludicrous or scientifically far-fetched that notion actually was.

Looking relaxed and mildly Vulcan, Mr Milliband took time to sign autographs and pose alongside fans dressed as Boba Fett, Orcs and The Borg. “I haven’t been surrounded by this much evil since Thatcher’s funeral,” he joked.

The Labour leader will now spend his remaining few days in the U.S discussing the crisis in Egypt and ongoing carnage in Syria with President Obama, Simon Pegg and William Shatner.

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