Tsarnaev ‘looks even cooler’ in police photos than on ‘Rolling Stone’ warns public

The leaked police photographs of the suspected Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, which show him just before his arrest, are way cooler than the photograph of him on the cover of “Rolling Stone” magazine, the general public has decided.

The photographs, which show a blood covered Tsaranev with a red sniper dot trained on his forehead – how cool is that! – were leaked by a disgruntled police sergeant to try and counter the ‘cool’ image and publicity generated by the “Rolling Stone” cover.

However, due to a 5000 year old misunderstanding between police and young humans, he completely failed to realise the effect that leaking such photographs would actually have on the youth of today.

‘Rolling Stone just made him look a bit like a shit Jim Morrison,’ said Darren Smith, a student at Queen’s University, Belfast. ‘But these new photos, I mean, holy crap! Cool or what! Now that’s my idea of an anti-hero.”

The new photographs have also earned Tsarnaev a legion of female fans, who say they prefer this new ‘edgy bad boy’ image to the clean and buffed up version of him shown on the “Rolling Stone” cover. ‘It’s made me really think again about my previous revulsion at those who carry out atrocities, but I think I can be forgiven for that,’ said one. ‘I mean, look at him, he’s just dreamy.’

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