Cambridge Commemorative Baby Souvenirs – Feature

includes 'Milk it!' range of baby bottles

There has been much excitement since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gave their Royal seal of approval to the wave of memorabilia being produced to mark the birth of your first child. The range of collectables is set to rival that of the Star Wars franchise, and here is the pick of ‘What Baby Tat':

Sainsburys are offering the ‘Crown Jewels’ nappy range, with matching thoroughly disposable ‘Burrell bumwipes’. Waitrose are hitting back with ‘Taste the Difference’ cashmere lactation pads. Marks & Spencer have launched the Beatrice and Eugenie ‘ill-advised’ range of baby bonnets.

The Palace is commissioning a prestige commemorative postpartum set of porcelain trinkets, to include umbilical snip clamps and an exquisite hand-painted glazed placenta.

In the commestibles range, Duchy Originals are to offer ‘limited edition’ chilled organic breast milk and fragrant baby do-do wraps (not for human consumption).

Krispy Kreme has already announced that it is selling limited edition doughnuts with blue or pink centres, with customers having to guess which they will get. The doughnut perveyors have denied, however, any plans to add an additional surprise variant filled with ginger jam.


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