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Rail network achieves Grade II listed status

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has today awarded Grade 2 listing to the entire UK railway infrastructure.

‘This exciting development will preserve the rail network in its present state for generations to come,’ said proud Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin. ‘It is only through a long and disciplined campaign of under-investment that we have been to keep the nation’s railways in the condition they enjoyed when they were laid by their 19th century forefathers.’

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport awarded the listing on the basis of many examples of historical engineering evident across much of the rail network.

‘Now we can enjoy this cultural heritage without fear of modernisation spoiling it for us all,’ continued McLoughlin. ‘But if you’re going to come and visit the railways, I’d recommend travelling by bus.’


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Posted: Jul 31st, 2013 by Guest

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