BBC commissions edgy new series ‘Junior-Doctor Who’

Rag week was never like this.

Cashing in on the continued success of Doctor Who, the BBC has announced a new spin-off series for the franchise, Junior-Doctor Who, which will focus on the early years of The Doctor’s career after he left Gallifrey Metropolitan University upon completing his degree in medicine.

‘The new Junior-Doctor will add a whole new dimension of excitement to the show,’ promised producer Steven Moffatt, ‘not least because every week there’s a strong chance he’ll accidentally kill the people he’s supposed to be saving.’

The challenges to be faced by Junior-Doctor Who will test his Time Lord powers to the limit, according to the BBC, with his scheduled hours expected to see him working ‘25/7’. He will also have to face classic foes such as the Cybermen, who will insist the 236-year-old doesn’t look old enough to do the job, and then demand to see ‘a proper Doctor’. To cope with the danger he is to face the Junior-Doctor will be accompanied by a short-term contracted assistant, Nurse Mae, who will cover for him when he’s hungover, and show him the proper way to use a sonic screwdriver.

The arch-nemesis of the Junior-Doctor will be known only as The Minister, whose real name is rumoured to be too rude to utter on a teatime show, and who attempts to kill off the Junior-Doctor through relentless tiny cuts, and sending him to work in an NHS hospital in Stafford.

Producers deny that the spin-off series has been conjured up to fill a hole in the BBC schedules created by a truncated run for the main series, after the new senior Doctor refused to work on weekends, and announced he would be taking the whole of August off for a golfing holiday. They also dismissed rumours that the new Doctor is already committed to doing 20 hours a week private consulting on the next Star Trek movie, where the money is phenomenal.

John Wiltshire and Dr Turmoil, hat-tip to Titus.

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