Class vote in Form 7A was ‘free, fair and peaceful’

Last week’s vote for Form Rep in Class 7A of the African Free School was described as ‘free, fair and passing off without violence’ by members of the other classes. Big Robert thrashed little Morgan by 42 votes to 3 after all 30 votes were taken.

Abi, an observer from the other class, explained that she saw the whole vote. ‘It was totally, completely, totally fair …. By the way, you haven’t commented on my amazing new trainers.’

However, there have been conflicting reports with Ella from 7A claiming that she had been pressured by some of Robert’s friends in 8T who ‘punched me in the stomach, took my lunch money and stole my brand new trainers’. These reports are denied by Big Robert who noted that ‘Ella is a big crybaby who doesn’t understand the importance of redistributing resources appropriately’.

‘This is a great day for class 7A, as democracy strikes hard again,’ said a spokesman for Big Robert. ‘If Morgan’s friends really wanted him to be class rep, then they shouldn’t have all been at home sick that day.’


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