Misogynists inadvertently endorse ‘#twittersilence’ protest

Sunday’s online Twitter boycott intended to combat abusive tweets has received support from an unexpected area. Figures released from the networking service, show the vast majority of alcohol-fuelled women-haters have a tendency to sleep through the majority of any given Sunday. The ‘silence’ which was supposed to mark an act of solidarity for decency and equality, has been unintentionally embraced by lazy bigots.

Ironically many Twitter members have taken to the internet to protest against what they see as a hijacking of their crusade. Furiously typing throughout the day, one blogger said: ‘I demand that misogynists pay attention to my absence from the internet, so that I can pointedly ignore them. The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing and our silence is a perfect example of our proactive approach to doing nothing….or is it our inactive approach to doing something? I’m not sure which.’

‘At this stage it is unclear for whom this is a greater victory,’ said one Twitter executive. ‘The trolls have silenced the women. The women have silenced the trolls. In the meantime, we’re the ones losing money’. However, both sides do agree that they want to keep Twitter and that the best way to support Twitter is not use Twitter. ‘Did something happen online?’ asked one confused male. ‘What with the start of the football season, the Ashes in full swing and my BMW needing a wash; Sunday has just passed me by. Where’s my roast by the way?’

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