Cameron evacuates staff from ‘Bongo-Bongo’ Embassy.

In a statement today, the Foreign Office expressed its gratitude to Godfrey Bloom for raising awareness of the plight of this tiny West African state, while announcing all UK embassy staff have been ordered to leave the country. ‘Many people will have misunderstood Mr Bloom’s comments as the incoherent ramblings of a racist idiot, but these small nations are easily marginalized’.

Meanwhile Oliver Mweseke, Exterior Minister of the xenophobically theoretical state, expressed outrage at being made into an international laughing stock. ‘If our country were to actually exist’ he said. ‘It would pronounced Bonjeu-Bonjeu and almost certainly have a hyphen. It is a grave discourtesy to fail to take the trouble to spell the name of a country correctly, even if it is fictional’.

‘Unfortunately, this proud French colony is often the standing joke for a**eholes,’ said Mr Bloom, who is the MEP for the county of ‘Ay-up Ay-up’, ‘UKIP has nothing but praise for the the gravitas and dignity with which these people comport themselves. Terrorist threats to this nation are as real as the our chances at the next General Election.’

by FlashArry, Titus & Al OPecia

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