‘Fatbergs’ to be removed from charities

Thames Water reports a ‘bus-sized lump’ sitting on the board of the British Red Cross. The blockage, comprised of food fat, wet wipes and an annual salary in excess of £184,000, may have been cutting off funds to more deserving individuals.

Charity Commission chairman, William Shawcross, was the first to raise alarms when he discovered his toilet blocked with receipts for expenses, lists of perks and sense of moral superiority. Despite most donors earning substantially less than the average UK income (£30,000), that has not prevented benevolent greed flooding homes, streets and businesses. Ironically, on a £50,000 annual salary to work two days a week, Mr Shawcross is looking a bit ‘chubby’ himself’

London’s financial sector has long been awash with ‘congealed lumps’ but many were surprised to see such clogging in Britain’s largest charities. ‘What ever the rights and wrongs, expect to see raw sewage spurting out of most editorials,’ said one charity worker. ‘Remember, for only £3 a week you could save a child’s sight, feed a family or join with 1179 other people to keep a charity CEO in the lifestyle he deserves’.

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