Interviewer sacked for not interrupting and failing to argue with guest

A current affairs interviewer has been fired after continually showing his interviewees respect, allowing them to answer the questions he asked and not shouting them down for dramatic effect.

‘We recognise that viewers and listeners are not able to judge for themselves if an interviewee is lying or being evasive, so it is essential that a responsible interviewer should interrupt promptly and persistently throughout,’ said a spokesman for National Union of Journalists. ‘We cannot allow partially completed answers to questions to go unchallenged.’

The spokesman was asked whether it would be fairer and more informative for the audience if interviewers were to allow their guests to actually answer questions and to express their views, and then to interview someone else with opposing views if balance was required. Unfortunately the question could not be completed as the spokesman kept shouting ‘Get to the point!’ and ‘What are you trying to hide?’


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