Humanitarian doubloons targeted by pirates

The Department for International Development (DfID) has admitted that it may have been an error to send buccaneer-themed aid, notably 17,000 peg legs, to Somalia, rather than food, tools or medicine.

The DfID confirmed £480,000 worth of ‘pieces of eight’, ‘eye patches’ and ‘parrots with Tourettes’ were stolen by al-Shabab in 2011. ‘’Working in conflict-affected states carries inherent risks and it probably didn’t help that we were expecting to see Johnny Depp doing his drunken Tommy Cooper impression, not an armed militia.’

Concerns about overseas aid have not prevented Disney World from creating a swash-buckling ‘kidnap ride’ featuring images of the Jolly Roger mixed with other contemporary pirating favourites, such as downloaded MP3 files, HBO serials and illicit goat porn. Meanwhile, the UN admitted: ‘Maybe if we all stopped using the phrase ‘pirate’ we’d take the problem more seriously?’


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