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1970s DJ admits to secret life as celibate monk

Ex Radio 1 DJ Gary Whatson has finally come clean about the double life he led whilst anchoring the nations 3rd favourite breakfast show. Although he gave the impression that he was frothy, superficial and insincere in reality he was a man of deep thought who rose to meditate at 2am each day and maintained a strict vow of celibacy. Contrary to publicity stories that he lived in a luxury, penthouse, bachelor pad in London’s West End, he walked home (thoughtfully) to the monastery of Total Silence after his early morning show. Fans have been shocked to discover that he wasn’t the fun loving, laugh a minute, prankster that he portrayed himself as. When asked by a pack of pushy so called journalists for his reaction to the shock revelation, Gary remained silent.

Andrew Mack

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Posted: Aug 18th, 2013 by Guest

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