Excrement-covered Thatcher statue ‘a cert’ for Turner Prize

The vandalised, though yet to be built Margaret Thatcher statue is widely seen as a certain winner of this year’s Turner Prize. Organisers are aiming to raise £200,000 for an effigy of the late Prime Minister to be placed in Grantham and to act as a focal point for graffiti artists, miners and anyone with a social conscience.

The ‘shit-stained’ bronze will have mis-spelled, abusive text scrawled across it by those who remember Mrs Thatcher’s period as Education Secretary. The Foreign Office has also agreed that the Argentine ambassador can fortnightly hit her with a polo mallet in exchange for not invading the Falklands again.

‘While the Turner Prize has often proved controversial, everyone can get behind the idea of hurling faeces at the Baroness,’ said the local museum curator. ‘Her funeral cost £1.2 million to stage, which people of all persuasions agree was worth every penny. Although I think some people would have opted for a much earlier date’.

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