Nuts magazine ‘to be more about nuts’

Nuts magazine, the popular lads’ periodical, is to up its nut content in line with its title. “Up to now the mag has been more aimed at the immature masturbator market,” said publisher Dean Smyth. “The kind of guy who would never dream of reaching up for a copy of ‘Hefty Throbbers’ or ‘Front Bottom’ magazine, and who buys Nuts as much for its coverage of unaffordable hi-fi and chunky black underwater equipment as for what we call its “praline” images.

Now though, the magazine is to concentrate more on satisfying the appetites of the true nut enthusiast, as well as the man interested in seed other than his own.

Says Editor Jamie Smithers, “That means in depth glossily illustrated features about hazlenuts, no-holds-barred Brazil nut oriented material, and explicit walnut and almond material of the kind we call “top shelf shell off”. Gradually we’ll increase the nut content until Nuts is, as it says on the front cover, all about nuts. The ‘nuts mag for the nuts nut’, in a nutshell.”

Asked whether the change in direction was related to feminist protest at objectification of women, Smithers is emphatic. “Nothing could be further from the truth. Up to now, what’s stopped us being totally nutty is the fear of offending the nut-allergic. We will welcome female readers with a new women’s section we’re calling Nut Ella”.

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