Sponsored ad on Google asks Downing Street researcher if he ‘Wants to buy ‘Reasons to bomb Syria’?’

A frantic Downing Street researcher was presented with a series of critical on-screen questions last night as he conducted in depth research among all the intelligence resources available to him on the crisis in Syria.

His search for ‘Reasons to bomb Syria’ led an algorithm to display a ‘Would you like to buy Reasons for Bombing Syria?’ message as the researcher anxiously loitered at the Google Search bar.

‘Other people who bought this also bought ‘A Dossier on Weapons of Mass Destruction’,’ advised Amazon, where the link had taken him, and urged him to ‘Read the review by Alistair Campbell’.

Now armed with everything he needed, further support was offered by Microsoft Word’s animated Paper Clip: ‘It looks like you may be trying to sex up an intelligence file. Do you want any help?’

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