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Further humiliation as Cameron ‘debagged’ during meeting of National Security Council

After the house of commons defeat for the government on possible intervention in Syria, pressure mounted on the Prime Minister again this morning after it emerged that during Friday’s meeting of the National Security Council of leading politicians, military chiefs and intelligence hierarchy, Mr Cameron had his trousers forcibly pulled down without his consent.

‘Where will it end?’ laughed chancellor George Osborne, secretly relishing his revenge for past ‘unpleasant incidents’ at the Bullingdon Club. ‘A mighty leader brought to his knees – to pull them up again. These are difficult times, but you have to say; what an absolute Oik!’

Cameron later emerged from No. 10 to face the press, seemingly unruffled, insisting that ‘he gets it’ and will now move on with cleaner underwear. As he spoke, his shoulders twitched ever so slightly, his eyes wryly darted up to the heavens and his little mouth broke into a brief, almost imperceptible, knowing smile, consoled by assurances of American presidential empathy, as the same thing apparently went on at Harvard all the time.

‘Of course he’ll recover from this, eventually,’ said the BBCs political correspondent, Nick Robinson, speaking from a position of vast experience in these matters, ‘but in the back of his mind he’ll always be looking over his shoulder wondering if or when it’s going to happen again.’

‘I’d watch out for the big photo opp at the G20 next week,’ he added, ‘Putin’s got that mischievous glint in his eye…’

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Posted: Aug 31st, 2013 by NewsBiscuit

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