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Police searching for stolen goods after management consultancy is burgled

Partners in a Mayfair-based Management Consultancy firm are said to be ‘devastated’ following a break-in at their offices just off Berkeley Square in the heart of one of the wealthiest parts on London. It is reported a group of men posing a clueless middle managers with a overly-large Learning & Development budget entered the building early afternoon when all the staff were at a ‘working lunch’.

Employees returned to their office to find all of their ‘blue sky thinking’ and ‘innovative approaches’ were missing. After numerous brain storming sessions about where it could have all gone, the team finally produced a powerpoint report which concluded that they had indeed been burgled. They have offered to provide the report to the police for a small fee.

One of the partners, James Humpthrey, lamented the thieves, saying to journalists “they’ve left us with nothing, the office used to have so much industry expertise and proactive engagement, the office is almost bare now”. Police confirm men were seen leaving the building holding boxes stuffed full of big-ticket motivational development sessions before getting away in a white van.

However, sources close to the investigation have said the police have been increasingly frustrated with the partners repeated attempts to sell them ‘out of the box ideas’ on how to catch the criminals. ‘They have produced several reports stating the police would be more successful if they caught criminals and took charge of investigations’ said a spokesman. ‘Talk about stating the obvious. Although, hang on a minute…’


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Posted: Sep 2nd, 2013 by Guest

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