Congress warned – all the ‘cool war names’ will be taken

President Obama has cautioned that further delays on Syrian intervention will seriously restrict the Pentagon’s choice of ‘military monikers’. Unscrupulous ‘patent trolls’ have already reserved the names and web addresses for ‘Operation: Syria Slap Down’, ‘Operation: Nothing better to do’ and the preferred ‘Operation: Recover the weapons we sold them’.

‘We all know the problems associated with rushing to pick a name,’ explained a Pentagon spokesman. ‘Operation: North West’ has already been taken by Kanye & Kim, Katie Hopkins has already ruled out ‘Operation: Liberate Syria’ has its named after a place and Jay-Z has said ‘no’ to anything ‘with a hyphen”.

Congress faces ‘legalised extortion’ from ‘patent trolls’ if US troops are to avoid going into battle under the copyright-free names of ‘Operation: Woollen Mitten’, ‘Operation: Spatula’ or the awe-inspiring ‘Operation: Root canal’. Even the word ‘Operation’ may already be owned by toy manufacturer Hasbro. The President may be forced into employing mime artists to depict the conflict. The only hope is that the Syrian campaign involves a man stuck in a box, drinking a cup of tea while grabbing a rope.

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