Mankind growth may be just the tip of evolutionary iceberg

A scientific study has shown that the average European man gained 110mm (4.4′) in height between 1870 and 1980, mainly due to general improvements in health, hygiene and nutrition.
Additional studies indicate that he is also beginning to become less brainy, less hairy and may start growing scales and laying eggs. ‘He could eventually reach a massive size and start blundering about, roaring and attacking other creatures by stomping on them or slashing at them with his claws’ said one scientist.
Meanwhile, in a completely un-related archaeological study, exciting new excavations have suggested the possibility that, at the start of their 400 million years rule on Earth, dinosaurs were rather different. The indication is that they may have gradually evolved from a smaller, smarter and more nimble creature which inhabited the Earth for just a few brief thousands of years, wandering about on its hind legs, drinking lager and watching reality TV shows.


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