Safety experts baffled by 100-car motorway pile up

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Road safety expert Pete Mulligan has admitted to reporters that he and his colleagues have so far made no headway in finding someone to blame for yesterday’s multi-vehicle road accident in Kent.

‘We have been trying to explain to motorists for years that all accidents are caused drivers breaking speed limits,’ he said, ‘and that it is extremely dangerous as well as illegal for motorists to think they know better, to ignore speed limits and for them to look at the weather, road and traffic conditions and to try judge for themselves what speed they should be driving at.

‘On this occasion, however, there is no indication that any driver was breaking any speed limit, so we are completely at a loss in trying to explain how any collision was possible.’

Veteran motorist Mrs Gladys Simpkins, who was involved in the massive pile-up, said; ‘I have been driving for more than 70 years and I am a very safe driver. I know that if I never ever break any speed limits I cannot get involved in an accident. In fact, I carefully note all speed limits and nearly always drive 10 to 20 mph more slowly that, just to be sure.’

‘On this occasion, I realised that I was on a motorway, and remembered that the speed limit was 70mph even though I couldn’t see the signs because of the thick fog. But suddenly a car appeared from nowhere, just a foot or so in front of me, and before I could brake, I ran into it and I was immediately rammed from behind by another car which had also been invisible up until then. It is a complete mystery what caused this.’


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