G20 summit stalls as Putin jinxes Obama

The G20 summit and the vital discussion on Syria suffered a major setback today as President Putin successfully jinxed Obama, after they had inadvertently said the word ‘bomb’ at the same time. Putin who was due to make a speech on his opposition to intervention in Syria, instead laughed at Obama and refused to release him from the jinx.

Earlier in the day, Putin had refused to sit next to Obama, who replied that he didn’t want to anyway. Then he mocked Cameron and said he came from a small island, which ‘no-one pays attention to’ and that Russia owned Chelsea Football Club. This had led Cameron to steal Putin’s bag, and hold it above his head, until he said sorry. Putin refused, and it was only the amusing distraction of President Hollande falling over the German Chancellor’s outstretched leg that broke the impasse. Merkel shouter ‘loser!’ to Hollande which caused riotous laughter in the room.

Hopes were high that the group would then focus on the important matters at hand in the crucial summit, but inadvertently Cameron let out a loud fart and the group took another twenty minutes to compose themselves and stop giggling. Cameron blamed the beans he’d had at breakfast.

Cameron pleaded with Putin to say “Obama’ three times and release the jinx, but Putin set tough terms and would only agree if America would put its missiles away. Obama stuck his fingers in his ears, shut his eyes, and made a loud noise so that he couldn’t hear Putin. The frustrated Russian President then called for a break, as it was snack-time.

No-one can predict how these tough days of negotiations will go. The fears are that the Syrian crisis will go on, and millions of Syrians and refugees will continue their appalling suffering. With the tough round of jelly and ice cream, pass the parcel and face painting still to come, hopes were beginning to fade. Cameron was rumoured to be highly excited about the goody bag.


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